• Ellen Pace, Rev Campbell and 2 volunteers holding trash bags
  • Man in bringing back neighborhood pride t-shirt
  • Woman at information table
  • Ellen Pace picking up trash
  • Volunteers at clean up
  • Rev Campbell picking up trash
  • Two women
  • Woman working in Muir Library garden
  • Woman demonstrating which trash in which bin
  • People in classroom learning recycling

Saturday, September 21, 2019 was Coastal Clean Up Day at the John Muir Library. You may be scratching your head wondering if the Mayor’s Office needed a lesson in geography when they selected our library for this event, as it is not exactly beach adjacent. The message from the event was that everything drains to the ocean, so it is as important to clean up at our library as right next to the ocean.

Volunteers from the community were joined by local students, passersby and ECCANDC Co-Chairs Rev. Campbell and Ellen Pace in picking up trash next to the library and in the nearby surrounding community, with a special emphasis on smaller items that could easily make their way through storm drains out to the ocean. At the end of the clean up everyone participated in a zero waste seminar.

ECCANDC thanks the Mayor’s Office for choosing John Muir Library and all the volunteers for helping!