The Los Angeles Department of City Planning received a grant for a new planning effort in South LA, the Slauson Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan. Planning Department staff would like to provide more information at your Neighborhood Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee, as well as answer any questions and collect any early feedback or thoughts.

What’s the goal of this effort?
This goal of this effort is to come up with land use strategies for the Slauson corridor as it spans the old rail right of way that is currently being envisioned for a pedestrian/bicycle path by Metro (Rail to River Active Transportation Corridor). This goal of this work program is to create a land use strategy to improve access to the future Active Transportation Corridor, as well as explore how local employment-related opportunities can be accommodated through land use regulations along the corridor.

Where can I find more information?
We encourage you to visit our Slauson Corridor website, which includes a map of the study area, a form to sign up for email updates, and other information.

How can we coordinate in the near-term?
At your earliest convenience, please respond with a date in the near future to present at your neighborhood council’s Planning and Land Use Committee? Do not hesitate to call with any questions (213) 978-1349.

Slauson Corridor